Who we are

The Jinenkan Tatsumaki Dojo is a South Wales based group which exists for the study and practice of traditional Japanese martial arts.

We are a part of the Jinenkan, an international organisation which has its headquarters in Japan.  The Jinenkan was established by Lieutenant Colonel (retired) Fumio “Unsui” Manaka to enable his knowledge of the martial arts of old Japan, gained through a lifetime of study, to be preserved and passed on to his students.

Manaka Sensei has authorised a number of his students to teach his arts and consequently Jinenkan Dojo (training halls) can be found in a number of locations in Europe, The USA, Australia, Africa and Japan. Each of these Dojo are run by Dojocho (Dojo leaders) who have attained rank of at least third dan.

Manaka Sensei

Manaka Sensei began studying the arts which are taught in the Jinenkan when, at the age of 14 after winning first place in the 1959 Northern Chiba Prefecture Judo Championships, he was introduced to Hatsumi Sensei and asked to become his student.

Manaka continued his studies of the martial arts under his teacher for 37 years until 1996 when he established his own organisation, the Jinenkan and took the Martial Name “Unsui” a Buddhist term which literally means “clouds and water” used to refer to an independent seeker of enlightenment.

Clouds and water symbolize Unsui Sensei’s thinking about martial arts: that one should learn to move as the water flows or as clouds fly: sometimes gently and slowly, sometimes quickly and powerfully.

Our Dojo

The instructor at the Jinenkan Tatsumaki Dojo is a personal student of Manaka Sensei who has been studying these arts for 37 years, travelling to Japan on an annual basis to enhance his knowledge directly at the source. In October 2003, he was given permission to open up a Jinenkan Dojo which is currently one of only two in the UK.